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Thank you for reading today.  I am so grateful that you have come across the The Busy Woman’s Guide to Beating Cancer site.  It is a community blog for persons who are looking for information on cancer, nutrition, support, or to find resources to explore other treatment options.  As a Lymphoma Survivor, I feel it is important to give back to the greater community of people whom I had the fortune to learn from, as well as to share that information with the public.  At the time that I learned of my diagnosis, I was shocked, and then terrified!  I did not know anything about why I had cancer, or what kinds of things I could do about it.  Without helpful information to make decisions about my healthcare, I willingly went along with the courses of treatment that my doctors advised.  I was a bundle of raw emotion and fear, and it did not dawn on me that I would have the luxury of doing anything different.

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Recognize that fear may be driving your emotions.  You may be here looking for information for you, or for a friend or family member.  If I can get anything across to you today, it is DO NOT FEAR THE DIAGNOSIS!  I feel that it is important to tell people that it is okay for them to take a week and examine what other natural options are out there…or to possibly get a second opinion. There are a great many alternative methods for treating cancer right now, as well as healthy-living practices that will help you, no matter what you decide, which will NEVER get discussed by your physician. This is because they are following the same protocols that they have been using for decades, and they will not normally deviate from their plans.  Your choices are going along with them (and that would be perfectly fine), or you can explore alternative options that rely more on building up your immune system and figuring out the real reasons behind your cancer. What I will definitely tell you, is that if you do not make REAL changes in your life, then the likelihood of your cancer returning is greater.

The general population is starting to understand that healthcare in the United States is somewhat limited in its views of treatment options.  This is because our healthcare system is based on a for-profit model.  There are a great many people, and corporations, who are making oodles of money off of a system that is designed to benefit THEM!  My challenge to you would be to thank your doctor for their diagnosis, but spend the next week exploring the various options that may be better than what your doctor could do for you.  You may be surprised at the whole world of natural health options out there!

The world is changing, and people are evolving.  There may come a time when healthcare goes back to doctors treating people as individuals, and not just providing a “one size fits all” methodology.  Because I did not know any better when I was diagnosed, I ended up going through six months of chemo and several weeks worth of radiation.  I believe my health improved because I was doing a combination of significant dietary changes, along with taking vitamins and supplements that further benefited me.  I also learned that I needed to make some massive changes to my overall emotional health and well-being, because I carried a lot of stress, anger and other negative emotions around with me. You might be asking yourself, “Which one of those things is better than the other?”  I am not a doctor or a fortune reader, so I will never tell you what you SHOULD do. All I will say is that the situation is not as bleak as you may have thought. There are a great many options that are available to you. Any of the suggestions that I make will be useful to you with traditional and non-traditional treatment plans, and are based on living a happy, healthy life.

Be open to the changes that are in your future.  Having cancer is a wake-up call to change something that you are doing.  It is not always a death sentence, so look at it as a fork in the long road, which is the journey of your life.  I choose to be grateful for it, because I truly believe that I am a much better person because of it. You have come to this site looking for something, and I hope you find exactly what it is that you need. If you need additional information, I will refer you to other sites, physicians, and authors, because you will find that they are more competent in explaining and educating their thoughts than I would be.

The world may be large, but the Internet has made it quite intimate.  I am grateful to welcome you here.

From one Survivor to another,



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