images (20)What is Laetrile?  Laetrile therapy, also know as amygdalin or Vitamin B17, is a very well known alternative treatment for cancer, and is used more commonly in other countries. Laetrile works by targeting and killing cancer cells, leaving healthy cells alone.  People who use Laetrile will often use other protocols, and typically include changes in diet and an increase in supplements that rebuild the immune system.

Where do I find Laetrile?  One of the highest concentrations of B-17 is found in raw apricot and peach seeds, also called their “kernels,” but it can also be found in many everyday fruits that we commonly eat (apples, cherries, nectarines, plums, and berries).  Also, you can find amounts of laetrile in sprouts, nuts, wheat grass, and flax seeds. Laetrile seeds can easily be purchased online, but you may have to search around a bit to find oral or intravenous laetrile.

Do I eat the pit?  Um…kind of!  Most people never even get to the inside of fruit pits and seeds, as they typically get thrown away when we eat the fleshy part of the fruit. Just for fun, take your pit outside and smack it with a hammer some time. The kernel is located within the pit, and it looks just like an almond. The taste is bitter and rather unpleasant; but, then again,cancer is no picnic either!

Aren’t these seeds poisonous?  Did you ever here the old wives tale of “Don’t eat the seeds inside an apple…you might die!”  Interestingly, the rate of cancer in the parts of the world where people are still eating the seeds of these fruits is almost non-existent. In fact, for centuries we we would routinely eat the bits and pieces of the pits when we ate homemade jellies and jams. Also, it was much more common for us to eat nutritious breads that were made with millet and flax seeds, both grains which are not even heard of by many Americans. If you are interested, these grains are available online and in health food stores, and you can find pits available in your natural fruits. Also of interest, there has never been a case of anybody being poisoned by the amygdalin found in these natural sources, but you can sure find cases of people being poisoned by many over-the-counter and prescription medications.

What is the protocol for cancer?  Along with a healthy, organic diet and a severe reduction in consuming sugar, a typical protocol for laetrile is to start by grinding up and ingesting smaller amounts of the seeds, then working your way up to 10, 20 and, sometimes, even 30 per day. Explore a reputable website that you feel comfortable with, and work to find an amount that seems appropriate for your specific type of cancer. Afterwards, you may want to continue on a maintenance program of 5-6 seeds per day.

How would I know if I have ingested too many? You will experience symptoms that include nausea, dizziness, or headaches.

If Laetrile works, why aren’t doctors already giving it to us?  Like all the other “funny” little issues about alternative ways to fight cancer, it is made from a natural ingredient, so it cannot be patented. If there is no way that big pharmaceuticals can make money off of it, then they do not want it on the market to compete with their supposedly “state-of-the-art” medicines. There is a pretty extensive history of how this has been covered up by the FDA, so feel free to read to your heart’s desire.  Please note, there has never been a case of anyone dying from B17, even though you will find stories, rumors and cover-ups that make reference to it.

What do I do next?  If you like what you have learned, then perhaps you should explore the links below.  Laetrile can be used with other alternative protocols and mainstream treatments. Bulk supplies of these seeds cannot be purchased at stores in the United States, but you can find reputable sources by looking online.  It is important that you find seeds that are organic. Always know that your own health and wellness can be obtained using common sense strategies for improving your immune system, eating a diet that is primarily raw, and increasing your vitamins and supplements.

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Please check out the following links to learn more:

“A World Without Cancer”  Watch it at


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