How many times a week do you stop and get convenience food for you or someone in your family? We live in such a fast paced, hectic world, where we run from one place to another, sacrificing our health, and those we love dearest, because we don’t have time to stop off at home and eat a good meal. Do you find yourself cutting food corners because you are too busy running your kids from piano lessons to soccer, or to baseball? Is your work preventing you from eating a healthy, well-balanced meal? Maybe you eat out at lunch every day, or you quick grab a soda and a candy bar from the vending machine, vowing to eat something healthier later.  Your body is probably screaming out to be fed something nutritious and you didn’t even know it.

What if I were to tell you about a wonderful way that you could start to increase your fruits and vegetables, starting immediately?   The beauty of this healthy tip that I want to tell you about, is that it is so easy to incorporate into your lifestyle…anyone can do it!  What you put into your body is one of the most important things in the battle to fight and prevent cancer.  Too often, the prepackaged stuff that we call “food” is not supporting our bodies in a way that encourages them to heal themselves.  Many of us don’t even know that we are deficient in the basic nutrients that our bodies need.  One of the biggest things to learn about cancer is that it’s anaerobic, which means that it only lives where there is little or no oxygen.  Exercise can get your blood moving and increase your oxygen, but another way to do this is to start juicing, daily if possible.

You might be asking yourself, “But isn’t this difficult?”  I’m here to tell you that it is one of the simplest things that you can do and you will start to feel better immediately.  For your information, juicing can be as complicated, or as easy, as you would like it to be.  I first started juicing  when I purchased my Jack Lalane juicer, which I still use and really enjoy.  At the time, it was about $130 and it is fairly simple to use.  I learned that kale and dark greens were full of oxygen, so I started with that as my main focus, and then I included apples, berries, carrots, beets (and their greens), ginger root, etc.  Whatever I had on hand was what I put into the juicer, and I loved the flexibility of coming up with fun and interesting recipes.  Unfortunately, sometimes I do not  care for the mess of the machine, which always is a small production to clean.

After I did that for a while, my sister told me of this wonderful book called Green for Life (I put a link at the end of this page)It went over all the details for blending greens in your kitchen blender, as well as educating me on all the wonderful ways that you could make beverages that tickled the taste buds of anyone.  Plus, it was so much easier than the other one that I became a blender-juicing addict, and now I almost always make it a part of my daily routine.

Juicing in your blender is such an easy way to enrich your body with the most oxygenated foods that feed your body, fight off cancer and help clear out your digestive system.  The basic recipe is that you fill your blender up with two cups of water, then you add a handful or two of good greens (my favorite is kale, but I’ll take spinach, romaine, arugula, etc.) and blend it till it’s liquified.  Then, you just add whatever else you like.  I like the flavor of citrus, so I usually throw in a grapefruit, orange, or lemon, and then I might add some berries, a cored apple, or a banana.  Then you blend it all up so that it is incorporated as well as possible and drink up throughout the day.  The book says that you can use the same batch all throughout the next day, but the nutritional value starts to diminish and it isn’t as potent, so I always try to drink it up on the first day.

Each morning I make a full blender of “sludge,” which is my affectionate name for this green concoction.  It’ very green and looks like you could probably feed it to cattle, which often gets strange looks from my co-workers and family members.  I drink at least one cup of it while I’m getting ready to go to work, and then I take along a good sized bottle full of it with me, so I can drink it throughout the day.  Sometimes I leave the remainder in the blender pitcher at home and then I drink it up when I get home.  It’s a healthy pick-me-up treat that gives me lots of energy.  Plus, I absolutely love” the taste of it!   As soon as I drink it up, I know that it’s getting into my cells and storming around, kicking out anything that shouldn’t be there.  I almost can see the sludge coursing through my body, setting the foundation for some serious anti-cancer butt-kicking!

Sometimes, just for added nutrition, I’ll add a teaspoon of turmeric (circumin) to the drink, along with a shake of black pepper(see my link at the end of this page). Turmeric has a host of wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits that will only add to your health experience.  It is one of those spices have been known to assist with fighting cancer, and I make a point of having it several times a day in my juice and in my teas. I’m a six-year survivor, and I have no intention of ever going down that frightening path again. If mixing a little Turmeric into my morning “sludge” is going to help me out, then believe me, I’m going to do it. Plus, if you combine it with a healthy fat and some ground black pepper, it increases the healing properties by several hundred times. That’s a massive “big plus” for me!

Other things that I like to add to my blender or juiced beverages are Aloe Vera Juice, psyllium hulls, flax and/or chia seeds, and flax seed oil.  While I’m drinking it up, I’m also downing my early morning vitamin regimen, which makes me feel like a million bucks too!

If you don’t have a juicer, you can get by with using your blender.  Just remember that a blender cannot juice things like beets and carrots, as they will probably break it.  You can find a nicer mixer that will do that, but the cost does go up several hundred dollars.  Make it a point to pick up some greens at the supermarket and start going on the offensive with your prevention and recovery.  If you can, get organic produce over the rest.  Better yet, grow your own, or get yourself down to your local farmers market if you have one.

Much love.

Green for life

The benefits of turmeric 

Crazy Sexy Life, the benefits of juicing 

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