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download (4)Essiac Tea…unless you have cancer, or know of somebody who has cancer, it is not on the radar of the average American consumer.  Upon searching for this exciting cancer option, you will find that some health food stores will carry it as a stock item; and it would most likely be found in the area where they might have all their loose teas at.  I found it on-line, which I suspect is common for most people.  The name Essiac comes from Rene Caisse, who was a nurse from Canada who made it her mission to educate people about the amazing tea that cured cancer.  The name Essiac is actually her last name spelled backwards, and it is reported that she got the recipe when she worked at Haileybury Hospital. There, an elderly woman informed Rene that she had cured herself of breast cancer years earlier, and it was an old recipe that the woman had learned from Indians in the region.  Rene died in 1978 at the age of 90, and it is reported that she took no money for this cure.  This sounds positively old-fashioned and quaint, especially since we seem to be living in this “get rich, quick” age!

Essiac Tea consists of four main herbs (Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm inner bark, and Indian Rhubarb Root).  These are all native plants that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada.  The Sheep Sorrel and the Burdock Root are the two main ingredients that target the cancer, and the Slippery Elm and Indian Rhubarb Root work to rebuild the weakened immune system. All of the Essiac herbs are good sources of vitamins and minerals, and each of them contains antioxidants.  Antioxidants, as you already know, are known to protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.

The original formula is believed to have its roots from the native Canadian Ojibway Indians.  It is reported that when Rene was treating patients, she would make the tea herself and then have it to her customers within 48 hours. Nowadays, when you order Essiac Tea by mail, these herbs may be several months old. There are many versions of Essiac Tea for sale, but they are not all the same. Teas that have different ingredients, or more than the four ingredients are not the true Essiac Tea, but I will not tell you that they are bad for you; you should look into it further to determine if you are comfortable with the extra herbs and the manufacturer.  It is advisable to obtain Essiac Tea from a business that you can trust, and who can guaranty that the ingredients are organic.  Do not buy inexpensive versions of Essiac Tea, as you are most likely getting a lower grade product.

Making Essiac Tea is a very specific process.  It is advised that you not use plastic or aluminum utensils, cooking pans or any container that you store the finished product in.  There is a protocol for drinking the tea and for its storage. Contamination can occur, so you must read about the entire process before you follow along with this treatment protocol.

Essiac Tea is not advisable for pregnant or nursing women, people trying to conceive, nor has it been tested on children.  There are risks associated with using it with specific diseases and cancers, so I will post a link to a website that can go over more information about that. It is advisable that you research Essiac Tea before purchasing it, and that you read through your instructions before making it.  

My experience with Essiac is through purchasing the organic bulk tea at Starwest Botanicals.  I found the procedure of making the tea and of drinking it not overwhelming.  It is very “earthy” smelling, and looks just like you took a big scoop out of the bottom of a dirty pond.  Other than that, I did not have any problems with storage or spoilage.

Please read more about Essiac Tea at the following sites:


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