A Daily Protocol for Living a Healthy Life…


images (8)If you want to work on maintaining a body that is healthy and in balance, which will reduce your chances of getting cancer, then it is advisable that you be at your best optimum health.   Here are some things that you can do to stay healthy and well.

Poor Nutrition – It probably will not come as a shock to you that the American diet is not as healthy as it have been several decades ago.  Due to the demands of work, caring for children, running errands on our lunches and after we get home, and other similar situations that make mealtime a problem, people rely on convenience items to make their lives easier; especially when carting one child to ballet, and another one off to flute practice!  To keep it all together, many resort to drive-thru’s, restaurants that deliver and a never ending supply of snacks that are eaten in the back seat of a mini-van.

Good nutrition is found in foods that have minimal processing and ingredients. Good food is usually in its raw and natural state (fresh produce, salads, organic chicken, healthy nuts, seeds, etc.), and has ingredients that are easily identifiable (water, chicken, eggs, salt, carrots, etc.).  It also does not come in a plastic bag, box or a can.  Raw foods are filled with healthy nutrients and enzymes that serve your body well.  Unhealthy foods are processed, prepackaged and filled with artificial colors, chemicals and additives that usually can increase your chances of cancer.  In fact, your body does not know what to “do” with these foods, once they get into your system; it only knows what to do to “real food.”  Our digestive system gets bungled up on on the extra chemicals from growing and harvesting the foods, along with the long list of preservatives and additives that were added to it to make it look and taste “great” as it sits on the shelf. It may “look” healthy (because the label has a pretty farm on it), but your body cannot absorb the nutrients that it needs to keep you in optimum health.

While we are on the topic of good nutrition, it is very important to note that “sugar feeds cancer!”  Cut down your sugar intake immediately!  If you drink sugary beverages, it is advisable that you stop.  Do you need a dessert after every single meal?  Then you may want to stop that entirely, or limit them as well.  Diets that have little or no sugar are the healthiest when you are dealing with cancer.  Skip the bakery items and eat fruit or vegetables!

Not Enough Nutrition – Even if you are eating an amazing diet that is filled with raw and minimally processed foods, almost every body is still is in need of extra nutrition. It is hard when you are healthy, but when you have cancer it is even harder.  Many people find it useful to take extra vitamins and other supplements to keep them in the best health possible.  Do some research, or talk to a naturopathic doctor to find ways to support you immune system.

Get Plenty of Exercise – Again, unless you are actually enrolled in a class or make it a habit to walk, run, bike, swim, or do something else, you most likely are not getting the right amount of exercise to help your body out. Cancer grows in places where there is no oxygen.  Get your heart pounding and you will be increasing your levels of oxygen.  Make it a point to get out and be in the fresh air, and then remember to breathe deeply.  Find something that will interest you and keep your mind busy.  Play with your kids.  Take long walks with a friend or your partner. Do whatever you can to not be sedentary.  Being physically fit is going help you find peace of mind and will reduce your size, ensuring that you do not have extra pounds on your body.  Extra pounds can wreak havoc with your hormones and can increase your chances of getting some types of cancer.

Too Much Stress – This is another problem with the American lifestyle.  Too much stress, be it work related or not, is dangerous.  Stressing about normal things like the non-stop daily commitments, budgetary worries, or relationship problems is a catastrophe waiting to fuel an unhealthy body.  Too much stress releases too much of your stress hormones; causing your body to release regulatory hormones that try to keep it in balance.  When the system is not working, these fluctuating hormones fuel each other in negative ways that increase your risk factors.

Finding ways to manage your stresses will enable you to relax and reduce your stress levels.  If you do not know where to start, you might begin by listing each individual stressor in your life.  Figure out specific ways to make them less of a challenge.  Perhaps you make it a point to enroll everybody in less activities. Maybe you balance the workload and commitments with a friend or your partner. Could you find someone to share carpool duties?  Maybe you could find a friend who will share the burden of running errands with you. Perhaps they could take the library books back one month, and then you could do it the month after.  When you start to think about ways to work things out, they start to feed on each other.  Hopefully, you will find ways to save time, feel better, and make your family time a healthy priority.

Another way to improve your life is to learn to “let go” of perfection, which is really, really hard!  This may mean that your house does not look perfect, but that can be an okay thing.  Maybe it means that you choose to not put out the usual five pots of beautiful flowers on your porch this season.  Or maybe you choose to not put in a garden this year, choosing to go to farmers markets more often. Honor “yourself” by making changes that give you more freedom to relax and reflect a healthier you.  Maybe things will calm down in the future, and then you can go gangbusters next year with the garden…or may you never go back to it at all!  The point is that you are expressing what “you” want, and not what the neighborhood “demands.”  You learn to let things go, and you learn to be okay with your decisions.  If you cannot reduce the stress in your life, then you need to learn useful ways to manage it better. Meditation, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and taking time for “you” are very useful ways.

Emotional Trauma – People who end up having cancer can usually pinpoint a time when a serious emotional issue occurred, and usually some point in the past two years before having cancer.  It is very common to talk to somebody who remembers a particular time when they were emotionally compromised about something.  Maybe they were ill, and then something drastic happened to them at work.  Maybe they had a huge disagreement with their spouse, or a parent.  Maybe they lost a job or had someone pass away in their family.  Too often, they cannot process what has happened, so they focus on how they were wronged, or what they should have done to prevent it from happening in the first place.  They rehash the story around in their head for weeks, months, and sometimes years.  They can literally “feel” the anger and pain, and they cannot let it go.

When this happens, emotion causes stress levels to rise, which compromises our immune health and feeds unhealthy stress levels.  It is dreadfully hard, sometimes, but you really need to make it a point to let things go and let the Universe take over.  Then you can let whatever happens happen. If you know that you need to resolve something in your life; then you should do it.  If you cannot resolve something; then you should pray to have the strength to cast that emotional dirt away from you.  It is imperative that you do not harbor ill-will, bad feelings and emotional scars that could ultimately hurt you.

Reduce the chemicals in your life – Pay attention to what you are doing as it relates to chemicals.  Wherever possible, reduce and eliminate them.  They are unrecognizable things that your body cannot ingest, so they just mess up your system.  Like the excess chemicals in our foods, things that you put on your skin, hair, lips, armpits, etc., all go into your body through your skin. What you wash and dry your clothes with, eventually becomes part of who you are. This includes the sprays that you use to make your house and car smell nice; or the antibacterial products that you use to wash your hands.

When you are working in your yard, try not to use fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, mosquito sprays, etc.  They all get ingested and become toxic sludge in your body.  The list of toxic chemicals in a house is humongous, so start thinking of what things you could eliminate easily.  Then you can try to integrate healthier items as you run out of a product and need to buy something new.  Wherever possible, try to find alternative products that are made from ingredients that will not harm you or your family.  Again, look at the ingredients and find things that you know what they are.  Healthy options are in most stores right now, and you can find all you need to know about them by searching on the Internet or by accessing your public library.

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