Am I taking too many vitamins and supplements?


download (1)Am I taking too many vitamins? As somebody who is in the forever process of surviving cancer, and working to stay cancer free, I find that I take an inordinate amount of vitamins and supplements. Each morning is a ruckus of noise in my bathroom, where I am scrambling to remember which supplements I take in the AM, and which ones I take in the PM. Then there is the quick panic of remembering which ones need food with them, and which ones shouldn’t be mixed with other ones. And don’t get me started on the ones that I cannot take after 6:00 PM, because my little old lady tummy is to “sensitive.” Worse yet, what do I do when I’ve neatly packed all these pills into piles to take at strange times of the day, but I left the room to go attend to a child, and now I can’t remember which pile is which? I got me some crazy going on in my little green bathroom.

Anyway, I just got back from a visit with my new Naturopath, and I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. We discussed what vitamins and supplements I take, and why; and we also talked about which ones may not be serving me well, and why. What I learned is that I can pack a whole lot of the little ones into one “great big monster vitamin of health,” two times a day and get a whole lot more bang for my buck and my health.

I balked at the price, as most of my vitamins are purchased at the local Walgreens and Walmart stores. I may buy one or two from more expensive, whole foods type stores, but I don’t have the budget to do more than just “dabble” with that sexy temptress of organic health. But the old Carrie has gotten replaced by a newer, rebooted version of Carrie, who is thinking like she can do whatever the hoo-ha she wants in the new year! Is it because a particular alignment of the planets is taking place, or did I hit my head on the counter top this morning? Who knows…but today just seemed like the right time to shift my paradigm of thinking. I decided that I was going to jump into my new health and wellness life with great gusto! I bought the good multi-vitamin that we talked over, and this puppy is chock full of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. It will cost me $60 every two months, but who cares! In the grand scheme of life, $60 is not THAT much money; especially when I am making it my mission to love and support ME in 2015.

She then informed me which of my old pills were no longer necessary. She said I can continue taking them until they are gone, or I can just stop cold turkey. There were a couple of new ones that she encouraged me to invest in, and we talked about better quality ones to replace the ones that she said will still be helpful for me to take. I am already assuming that they will probably will cost more than what I am used to, but I am choosing not to care!

I am as happy as a fat tick on an old dog! Less pills and bottles means less stress in my daily routine, and I am all about making MY life work for ME. Isn’t life cool when it just comes together?


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