My move towards alternative health and wellness…


alternative healing picsIt is spring of 2014 and I truly feel amazing.  I have turned fifty this past year, so I feel like I am in a different stratosphere of my understanding of everything.  My kids are getting older, I have taken a job in a completely different industry, I have learned to “let go and let God,” so I guess it would only be natural that my world views on health and wellness would have evolved as well.  Way back when I was diagnosed, I felt too afraid to trust anything other than what the mainstream health practitioners had to offer me. It was 2008, and my cozy little world had shifted off its axis.  I was too busy coping with family and job, and I was really good at feeding my mind and body with emotional regret and toxic relationship anger.  I certainly was not savvy enough to educate myself on the many protocols that were out there to help treat cancer, and I don’t think I was in the emotional state of mind to be open to them.  My sister tried to help me, opening my mind to things that I could easily incorporate into my standard health practitioner’s plan of chemo and radiation.  She encouraged me throughout my journey, helping me to stay abreast of new treatment options that she learned of.

It has been six plus years since I was first diagnosed.  I have grown on many levels of health knowledge, trust in alternative options and in my general understanding of many aspects of my life.  It has taken me a few years to come to the comfortable place where I am, but I feel I am in a better position to talk about treatments that worked, or about how I feel more confident offering hope to those who are currently scared and lonely.

The Internet has changed everybody’s world perspective.  Where once you might have felt alone and terrified with your diagnosis, now you have a handy tool that brings you to alternative views of like-minded people, and it feels amazing! Soon you find someone who you like to listen to, who knows exactly how to rock your world with knowledge and hope. The Internet has opened up a super highway of health and wellness.  It gets you exactly where you need to go, giving you the exact information that you personally need at that moment in time.  I am not saying that everything that you find will be perfect for you, and some things may not even be healthy, but it certainly will open up your mind to what other options and ideas are available.

Alternative health and wellness ideas are everywhere.  Start with a doctor or person whom you learned about on one of your favorite shows, or maybe whom you may have read about in a book or newspaper.  See what great tips and information they have to offer, and then look at the people that they follow on-line.   Key in a subject interest in your computer and see what information turns up for you to investigate.  Pretty soon you will find patterns emerging, where information connects and overlaps from one reputable source to another.  Depending on your situation, you can start by including one or two alternative options into your doctor’s existing treatment plan, or you can jump head first into some amazing alternative protocol that you know will be helpful to you. Believe me when I say this, “someone has already done the research on whatever you are looking for, and you will be utterly amazed by what kind of information you will find!”

Do you have some kind of skin cancer that is making you terrified?  There are oodles of pages devoted to black salves and snakeroot.  Do you have breast cancer…or pancreatic cancer?  Did you know that many people are treating it with massive changes to their diet and lifestyle?  Have you heard your brain cancer is totally untreatable?  There are qualified people who probably have been treating your kind for years, very successfully I might point out, and it may be more affordable than you think.    

I feel as though cancer is the impetus to change your life.  Cancer has been around forever, but our cells were purposely designed to see it and gobble it up before it became a problem for us.  A body that is healthy on every level is a perfectly built piece of mystical machinery that can and will heal from whatever is troubling it. Unfortunately, we are living in a world filled with toxic everything.  Our water is chemically treated to make it drinkable. Our foods have been genetically modified so that they are altered in a way that is not natural anymore. The things that we groom our bodies with are not recognized by our cells when we slather or spray them on.  Our emotional selves are crippled by lack of sleep and too much emotional toxic overload.  Nutrition for many people is now received at a drive-through or gas station.  Is it any wonder that cancer will strike one in two men and one in three women?

If you find that your world has shifted off its axis, I am truly sorry for you.  It is a blow that will cause many people to lose hope and eventually die.  For others, however, it will be the brutal slap in the face they needed to start making the changes necessary to bring them into a healthier universe.  I encourage you to not become paranoid and give all your power over to traditional doctors.  Our current healthcare industry is slightly skewed by a capital market that is feeding institutions all over our country.  There is a ground-swell of people fighting for changes that recognize the many protocols that will save lives.  Will it be my generation that brings about the health and wellness improvements that so many people are craving for?  I think not!  But I am doing my part in educating my children about what our world needs, because I firmly believe that it will be “their” generation that will bring about world healing on so many levels.

Let today be day one in your healing journey.  Take your first step forward by not being so afraid.  I only wish that someone would have told me that when I was first diagnosed.

From one survivor to another!


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