What Kind of Refueling Station Do You Require?

ARE YOU IN NEED OF REFUELING???In a world where everything we touch is powered by a battery, the sun, nuclear energy, dirty coal, or some version of a petroleum-based product, you can’t hardly get away from the everyday phrases that are commonly used in our society to talk about power. Even a two-year-old child realizes the crushing reality that a… a dead battery can cause when a favorite toy doesn’t work, or that mom or dad’s cellphone won’t make a call if it doesn’t get enough bars, or if one of them forgot to charge it up ahead of time. When our power gets low, we are all trained to pull into the gas station, plug our phone into the wall, get a new battery for a toy or the remote control, or to do whatever we have to do to get this indispensable piece of equipment back up and working in our life. Let me tell you something, friend, YOU are the biggest piece of indispensable equipment in your family, so my question for you today is this: How do you recharge your own battery?

If you are a parent, like I am, you know that there are times when you just do not have the ability to give anymore. Maybe you have been putting in extra hours at work or at your child’s school, or maybe you didn’t sleep well the night before, because a child was up ill, or they had a bad dream. Maybe you feel wore down about the financial problems you are experiencing right now, or your child’s bad report card. The point is that we all have rough times that we go through, but when you add them to the extra added weary that you get when you are battling the biggest battle of all, that flipping crappy illness called cancer, and it just complicates it all the more. Weary, stressed out bodies don’t heal as quickly as a body that is fully rested and ready for the difficult day that may be ahead of us. Cancer, or any other illnesses, are very good at using up our power reserves, leaving us more vulnerable and less able to fight back. It’s just a fact, so we need to anticipate it and find time to build personal refueling into our daily schedules as well.

For some of us, we have times that work out better than others for refueling. I usually use the time that I am lying in bed at night to do this exercise, or when I just need to lie down after I get home from work (It’s not called being lazy, it’s called loving myself!). Whenever you finally get that free chunk of free time (and for some of us that might just last for only 18 minutes), take the time to sit down, relax, and refuel. And when I say relax and refuel, I really mean you need to relax and refuel. You can sit in a comfy chair or you can lie down on a bed or a couch, and if you have to be near your children to do this, then don’t worry about it, just do it. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, calling forth clean, invigorating breaths, deep into your lungs. Remember, cancer lives in the places where oxygen is severely lacking in your body, so we definitely need to take these relaxation and refueling breaks to replenish ourselves, and we should never feel guilty about doing this. As we relax, we will help to fight our cancer by filling our body with amazing, high-powered, ass-kicking “super-oxygen,” which is going to kick the crap out of your cancer.

See that breath as a blinding white stream of cells that comes rushing in through your nostrils and flows throughout every part of your body. This white stream is filled with the highest power of energy available, and you have the power to pull it forth whenever you wish (on the bus, in the tub, at the office). Watch as it fills up all your body space, almost as if you were line drawing on a piece of paper. See the blinding white stream of cells fill up your legs and your arms, then watch as it fills your torso and your head. See it push out any diseased and disgusting dark blobs, along with any ridiculously small dark cells that can barely be seen right now, right out through your fingertips, or your bladder or colon, or even out your exhaled breath. The point is to fuel up your body with the cancer fighting “super-oxygen” and let go of all the “cancer crap!” Notice that your body feels lighter as these blobs leave you, and that your mind feels more focused, and the remarkable thing is this only has to take you a couple of minutes each day! If you feel exceptionally freaked out about your cancer right now, do it as much as you want. You are in control of your healing!

Getting exercise is one of the best ways to bring fresh oxygen into your body, and I encourage you to do get as much as you can, along with a healthy dose of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. But for those of us who want to do more, this simple refueling technique that I have described above, will only enhance all the other good things that you are currently doing.

As you can see, I am a writer, and sometimes I suffer with my affliction of writing too many words. Right this very second, some of us are too sick to read this advice, so if you are a friend or family member of someone who is suffering with this flipping disease, please sit next to them and tell them about this technique. Walk them through this process, or go ahead and use this power to visualize the positive outcome on them, which would be a wonderful gift! You are just as powerful of a healer for someone else as you are for yourself!

You are a beautiful and amazing person! You are too valuable to everybody around you to give up and not fight with the hell and fury that we women can summon at the blink of an eye! Charge forth into battle, my friend, with your friends and family by your side, and with all the doctors and specialists by their sides. And when you see all the people who are rooting for you, standing strongly next to you, you will find me up ahead on the battlefield. I’ll be summoning up my own visualization technique, and it ain’t gonna be pretty! Because I’ll be standing there, with all my crazy-ass, flame-throwing cancer friends, and we’ll be taking our blinding white-hot lights and reversing it back onto cancer, disintegrating it into microscopic dust that the universe will have to absorb somewhere away from this world.

Whew…I’m so glad I got that off my chest! I feel so much better right now. You see, even I feel inspired by you, and I haven’t even met you yet!

Peace out…from someone who is too damn busy to have cancer 🙂


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