A universal wish for healthcare coverage, for you and for me…

A universal wish for healthcare coverage, for you and for me…I do not wish to argue politics with my note. I only wish for cooler heads to make decisions that will eventually trickle down to me and my family.The current state of our health care is not perfect, but we may be heading in the right direction with the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act. Until we change our health care system to one that is built on keeping people healthy in the first place, and not one that is based on treating symptoms of illnesses, we will never be able to keep costs down. I salute doctors who tell people to eat 10 different fruits and veggies a day, or who tell people to reduce eating some of the worst foods on the grocery store racks (processed foods of all kinds, sugary-laden snacks and beverages), because the chemicals inside them are poison. If someone had told me 20 years ago, when I first started parenting, that some of the things that I have been doing were not really healthy for myself or my family, maybe I wouldn’t have wound up with lymphoma in the first place. Have I sentenced my husband or my children as well? It will always make me wonder!

And this goes out to all the people who are so worried that our American exceptionalism will be jeopardized by turning our health care system into a socialized mess, with death panels and abortion clinics on every street corner. First of all, nobody wants that, on either side of the political spectrum. Call me old-fashioned and out of touch with reality, but I believe that we can create a uniquely “American” health care system that can meet all our needs, and not only the lucky ones that have good policies (for now). I refuse to believe that the current model is the only one that works, because for many people, it does not. Why should my insurance policy say that I have to pay out-of-pocket costs of $1,500 for my CAT scan, but that a friend only has to pay $50? We both have the same amount of money taken out of our paychecks, for similar access policies, but for some reason, we accept this. And as a survivor, it’s the little stuff like this that will break a family in half, or possibly cause someone like you to lose their house. It is not fair! I cannot, in good faith, feel good about a system that you can enjoy one day, but the next day it could be gone. We are living in a time when your job is here one day, but it may be eliminated next week. Health care should not be tied to your job anymore. Take my 10% or 13%, or “whatever percent” it is, right off my paycheck each time, (because it is already coming out anyway) and let me carry my insurance from one job to the next, with no worries. If I work four hours a day, or ten, just take my percentage out and let me have my healthcare. Give me the tools to stay healthy, and I will become a good citizen of health. Restrict my access and make it difficult for me to pay my bills, then I will choose to not see a doctor until it is too late, and then the costs become insane. It’s very simple!

We can create a system that encourages people to choose healthy lifestyles so they can assist with cost containment. If you do not want to have a healthy lifestyle, then fine. I salute your American right to live any way that you want, but I do not want to support you the same way financially. Insurance companies can be very useful at that point, especially for providing wonderful policies that meet those types of personal needs. Perhaps, then, we might be a much healthier, and happier, society.

I welcome any discussion on this.


A liberal-leaning daughter of extremely right-leaning parents, who cannot sit down and have a discussion anymore…and we wonder why kids are bullying all over the country. They are modeling what we show them…what we think is acceptable behavior for adults…I find this the saddest thing of all!


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