My Prescription for Love


Living a life that is filled with love, joy and contentment will help you to heal your mind and body of physical and emotional illness. Feelings of bitterness, jealousy, anger, and fear are more damaging to an already compromised person, and they can eat away inside you, just like a growing cancer can. Let go of any negative and unhealthy thoughts about the problem pe…ople in your life, along with all the hurtful situations that you cannot change. Make the choice not to be the mistreated “victim” in these life encounters that leave you feeling anxious and bad, choosing to become a “love warrior” instead.

Imagine yourself covered in a personal shield of unbelievable love. See your heart pulsating pink beams out from within your chest, and then see that the pink beams have mixed with the white-hot light of your soul, which is now radiating out about 25 feet around you. Instead of carrying around negative feelings about certain people in your life, or the horrible wrongs that you feel they did to you, see yourself walking down the street and changing the course of their life instead. Use my “bumping the love” technique of rubbing all your goodness off onto them.

As you approach your intended prey, visualize this glowing pink and white aura of yours passing into their angry, sullen aura, which looks skinny, unhealthy and grey. Be aware that when you pass them by, you are enveloping them with something so flipping amazing, that they won’t have a clue what to do about it. Watch as your aura pulls out of them when you walk away, and it looks the same as if you grabbed the bottom tip of a tornado and pulled it out of the sky. Hear the “Pop!” as it completely pulls out of them, and then see the confusion on their face as they wonder what just hit them. Are they happier? Probably not…but you don’t care! You have left your beautiful mark on them, and no matter how much of a jerk this person is, laugh to yourself about the horrible mess that you left behind in their confused body. Figure out what sort of viral mess you can leave with your victims, which will be your calling card of love! Mine is a bunch of prancing unicorns that have fluttering butterflies all around them, with bright, gaudy looking flowers that open and close every single time they open their mouth to speak. Maybe your butterflies could shoot out of your unicorn’s butt! It’s whatever you want, baby.

My last bit of advice is to smile more, love harder, and speak more passionately, and when you see my pretty pink aura coming down the road, feel free to crash into it with yours, and we can see if your viral love-aura can make my unicorns do a black-flip!

Peace out–from someone who is too damn busy to be sick!


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