Start Making Easy Life Changes Today



We all know how hard it is to juggle the demands that are placed on each one of us, usually at the sacrifice of our own health and wellness.  If you checked this website out, you were probably drawn in by the name, “Busy Woman’s Guide to Beating Cancer.” If you are like me, you don’t have hours upon hours each day to shop organically and prepare all your meals from scratch. You’re probably reading this post at the end of your long day, and you are tired, wore out, and you’re probably not feeling like you should.

This site is devoted to all the beautiful women who are just like us, who have the best intentions at heart, we just don’t always know how to get started. My goal is that we can all learn from one another, and we can motivate each other to examine new ways that we can easily incorporate health and wellness into our hectic lifestyle.  So I say, “Fear not, my friend, for we will all work on this together!”

Today, I want you to think of one or two wonderful new changes that you can make to your daily routine that will promote a healthier you. If you want to incorporate a hundred new things, then I say, “You go girl!”  You can share all your ideas with us, but please, just don’t stress out the rest of us who are trying the best we can:)

This weekend I was with my family and I was inspired to go and do a healthy thing that I had stopped doing for the past half a year. My morning routine is pretty crazy, but I like to wake up a good amount of time earlier than everyone else, because I’m not a very good wife or mother until I’ve had time to reflect on life and let the caffeine get to work. My sister had gone back to drinking tea in the morning, foregoing the usual cup of coffee that she normally drank. She’s doing it out of her passion to be healthy, and I thought to myself, “Self, why don’t you start your day with your hot water and lemon slice again!” And you know what?  I actually did it! I heated up water while I took my shower, and I came out and sipped the nice hot beverage, that was flavored with lemon, which is so incredibly delicious and helps to cleanse your intestines and liver.  It gets things moving, if you know what I mean, and properly eliminating your body is one of the healthiest things that you can do to keep it healthy.  Actually, unless you learned this from a book or from someone else, eliminating several times a day is what you should be working towards.  Drink lots of water and eat a diet rich in all kinds of fiber.  If these things don’t help you to eliminate at least once a day, you should look at adding something a little more helpful.  All kinds of chemo drugs and pain medications tend to constipate you, making this impossible.  I take psyllium everyday and I poop just fine!   Oops…Too much information!

My second change that I started today was to cut down my coffee, which came naturally, since I switched my first cup to a nice hot cup of water.  It was a breeze, and I didn’t find it difficult at all.  In fact, maybe it was all in my head, but I swear that I feel healthier just because I did it.

I’m feeling high on life right now, so I’ll probably disclose the fact that I wasn’t taking my supplements and vitamins like I should, so I took a big handful of them before walking out the door to work.  I pop a lot of Vitamin C, D, E, fish oil, resveratol, turmeric, calcium/magnesium, and sometimes I take other things, depending on what I feel my body is telling me.  Think about what vitamins and supplements you should take to boost your immune system, supplement your body, and work on your type of cancer.  There are wonderful books that speak more towards the value of vitamins and supplement and I encourage you to look at them.

Well, I must leave you now, but I hope that these few ideas might inspire you to think about what you can do to get healthier.  If you are too sick to do these things, then I want you to close your eyes and think about healing your body.  See your angry army of killer cells storming through your body, looking for the sick and diseased cells that are cancer.  Blast them away, or eat them up until they are no more.  Or you can watch them be eliminated from all the extra water that you are drinking.  Visually see your good cells pushing everything bad out exits of your body that look like a hose, or garbage disposal, or even a toilet.  Visualize your army of killer cells happy that they kicked some cancer butt.  They’re high-fiving each other and walking cocky throughout your bloodstream, threatening everybody with the “New Law in Town!”  If you can’t do things physically to help yourself heal, then use your mind…it always wants to help you out.  I will send you whatever prayers and healing energy that I have so that you can feel better.



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