Mother’s Day


Today is Mother’s Day and I’m feeling thankful to be alive. I had a wonderful day with my family and parents. We fished and hung out in the boats, all the while not realizing that we were being burned by the sun. I realized that I never once thought about cancer…until I started writing on this page.

Cancer sucks, because I feel like I can’t ever be totally rid of it. It’s like a little black cloud that follows me wherever I go. Today I will wish it to be a big, fluffy white cloud, with a happy, colorful rainbow shooting out of it, and I will see pink and purple flowers growing wherever the shadow of the cloud falls.

When you see a puffy white cloud up high, and it’s all by itself in the vast blueness of the overhead sky, know that it is one of your beautiful “Soul Sister’s” checking in on you, making sure that you don’t get hit on the head by one of its pink or purple flowers.

Please know that I love you…even when you have pollen on your nose. So smell a purple flower, smile at a fluffy cloud, and wish some mother a Happy Mother’s Day today.



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